I’ve never been to Indo, Tahiti,  Aus or Hawaii, nor have I slid, swam and took pictures of 20 foot slabs, big waves and those barrelling beach breaks in France. 

What I call home though is what people who’ve been there don’t have. Siargao, everything I could hope for I have here, perfect warm water tubes and the ocean’s abundance is just near the pacific has taught me so much.

In return I show my gratitude by strengthening my being so I can make people feel the ocean’s glory thru my still and moving imagery. This craft I consider a sword I will never stop to sharpen has given me the most amazing experiences by far.

With it, I have been making imagery for publications, product lines to airline companies and film for commercial advertising to full length movies.

I am blessed despite challenges being an surf/underwater filmmaker/photographer in a third world country, swimming against rivers of currents and taking heavy pacific water in the head, so far, I have managed putting food in my table.

I have survived and lived a fulfilling life at the same time.
I owe the ocean and Siargao Island everything I am that’s why nothing beats fulfilment in doing it for them.
I know the world is wide and there’s also  lots of waves around to score.

Maybe soon I’ll be in Indo, Tahiti, Aus and Hawaii to explore.

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