Get a taste of the island life;
a relaxing place to breathe fresh air.

It's got a tingle of excitement.
and uncertainty – a thrill, if you will.

Feel that chill on your spine,
it's a taste of freedom – no rules, no boundaries.

Go with the voice that's telling you
to go on another adventure.



To everyone, Gwapitos started in 2016 at a far-off island in the Philippines called Siargao. But what’s become the most popular brand that came out of that tiny province in Surigao del Norte began long before that.

Marama Tokong was born and raised in Siargao – and known as one of the best surfers in the island. And several years ago, he stumbled upon Gianni Grifoni, a Swiss-Italian who moved to the Philippines and live a surf-filled life.

It wasn’t long before these two had a bromance – even calling each other Gwapito. Gianni will tell you he’s always been known as the original Gwapito in Siargao but we don’t have actual proof so… anyway

Gianni had been sponsoring Marama’s competitions in the past few years with his resort Kermit Surf Resort but soon he had to go to more international competitions. They needed a bigger budget, and Marama needed to support his future – he couldn’t be a surf instructor forever, come on guys!

And BOOM: We have Gwapitos. Their Headquarter is in KERMIT SURF RESORT SIARGAO

Profits from the apparel line were used to fund more of Marama’s international competitions. As the brand grew bigger, so did the team. Gwapitos now sponsors 20 local surfers.


The more they sold, the more they got involved in projects too – like beach and island cleaning initiatives, as well as social and environmental projects in Siargao. The brand advocates for supporting local.

In September 2017, Gwapitos became the official brand to sponsor and provide the shirts for the Philippines Surf Championship Tour (PSCT), which included legs in Siargao, Lanuza, Baler and La Union.

More exciting projects are coming.